Download Psnstuff 3.07.09


PSN STUFFX is a social project to extend the PSN database. This app provides you with links to download PKG and RAP files for installation on PS3. You just need to have a CFW firmware and a reactpsn. As a result, you can:
* Download the selected PSN content and RAP files.
* Add your existing content and RAP files to expand your database.
The database will be updated as long as you are prompted to add your content to it.
With version 1.81, support for PSP and PSVita Games has been added.

To run your application, you must:

* Custom Firmware PS3

Do not forget to copy database inside the software folder then click on load database using button "Load Database" 

Download Psnstuff 3.07.09  

Psnstuff 3.07.09   download animal-crossing-new-leaf-usa-region-free
Psnstuff Databasedownload animal-crossing-new-leaf-usa-region-free
 PSN Stuff Image  download animal-crossing-new-leaf-usa-region-free

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