Match Condition Switcher For Seventeen Patch + FIX - PES 2017

New Multi Switcher Season 2019/2020 For PES 2017
PES 2017 New Multi Switcher Seventeen Patch
PES 2017 New Multi Switcher Seventeen Patch

New Multi Switcher For Seventeen Patch PES 2017

Features :

  • Scoreboard all league and competitions
  • Trophy
  • Gate & entrance
  • Ball server
  • Beckground menu server
  • Tools anthem
Download PES 2017 New Multi Switcher Seventeen Patch V2
* FIX Circle flag UCL dan Europa League : https://bit.ly/2yDXaM8

* 100% Compatible with Seventeen Patch : https://bit.ly/2YYYK7J
* It isn't recommended to use another Menu Server mod


For New User or never used sider / Multiswitcher /Autoswitcher

  • Copy all contents from folder "New Sider 17Patch" to Instalation Your PES 2017 Directory
  • Copy Folder "modules" to Instalation PES 2017 Directory
  • extrack .rar file "acl liber.cpk" and Copy to Download Folder
  • Copy Ballserver Folder to content Folder
  • Copy Ballserver.lua to modules Folder
  • Copy Fix Ball Server Competition Map to "C:\PES2017\content\ballserver\(Paste and Replace Here)"
  • Run Sider, Anthem Tools, and Play the Game

For Multiswitcher Sider by Chinmi User

  • Delete All Files that Existed on the previous Sider, Except Server Mods that You Added Yourself, Example : Stadium Server,
  • After All Files are Deleted, Follow All the Steps Above
  • Don't Forget to Re-Configure Your Server Mods on "sider.config"

    Credits & Thanks to :

    Ujank Glory, RND creative pes, M.B.P mod pes, Pes M.I, az mods, ethan, Mjts, chinmi rizaldy, awaludin aco, kk patch, hendri dimz, irvan maulana, dzplayz, watermelon, G-style, yamany, JAS, Latinpesedit, 1002MB, Eslam, Eric tuts, Mauri_d, ipatch, ARC_mods17, AK-RF mods, MIS, Achdz and other modder . .

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