NBA 2K20 Hook v1.3.5 by Looyh

A new NBA 2K Hook have been released by Looyh. This tool allows you multiple things. You can add cfs, custom scoreboards, unlock accesories and shoes, change team colors, etc.

Download: Click Here

2020-02-29 21:12 | V2.3.1
* Added: Team Colors Override without roster. (colors of scoreboards/start lineup etc.)
---- Home - when the team is the home team
---- Away - when the team is the away team
---- Secondary - If away color is similar to the home team`s home color, hook will use secondary color
2020-03-01 19:15 | V2.3.4
* Added: Set threshold value for color comparison. If the value is 0, the secondary color is used when the two colors are equal, the smaller the value, the more strict the color comparison.
* Added: Get the Team ID of the current home team in GUI ( get retro teamid etc.). You need to use the team as Home Team and into the match , then you can see the current ID.
* Fixed: a bug that could cause a crash, and sometimes color override doesnt work in ML etc.

> If you used V2.* , just need to override `NBA2K_Hook.dll` and `NBA2K_Hook/lang.txt`.

2020-03-07 00:53 | V2.3.5
* Better GUI compatibility to support earlier version DirectX 11.0
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