Smoke Patch V18.2 AIO + Update V18.2.3 - PES 2018

Smoke Patch 2019/2020 For PES 2018
PES 2018 Smoke Patch V18.2.0 AIO

PES 2018 smoke patch version 18.2, new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 game. Smoke Patch 18 v2 is a new version uses the new database from Smoke Patch 2020. The patch has been updated to latest transfer of Season 2019/2020. For those of you who are looking for the latest PES 2018 patch, we recommend downloading this version of Smoke V18.2 Season 2019/2020.

Update 18.2.3 changes:

  • Updated kitpack (+50 teams updated mostly national teams)
  • Updated mini-face pack (+2400 formation picture added)
  • Includes fixes from previous update

    General Features :

    • Includes All DP Files
    • Ready For Season 19/20 (With Winter Transfers)
    • Players Stats Updated
    • Compatible With All Game Versions
    • Real Names For All Players
    • Real Names And Logo For All Teams
    • Added New Teams
    • Added New National Teams
    • Added New Leagues
    • Added New Classic Teams
    • Real Kits For All Teams
    • Correct Home Stadium Names
    • Added A Lot Of Mini-Faces
    • Added Real Balls
    • Added 100 Boots And 30 Gloves
    • Many Others . . .

    Ready for season 18/19 :

    All leagues in smoke patch are updated with correct teams for the new season 18/19, serie b of Italy still have 22 teams although they should less this season due to Italian law sanctions, we prefer to not change the league structure to avoid serious bugs.

    Transfers :

    • The patch have recent transfers and teams have correct rosters, thousands of transfers happened recently, we will continue to check for any missing transfers to include in future updates. last transfer done in the patch was at 28/august (3 days before the window closed)
    • an updated edit file will be regularly uploaded as we continue the transfers

    Konami DP :

    The files contains all konami DP files, so there is absolutly no need to download or apply and other files,

    Music theme :

    • We have added new music tracks (tron style)for the patch to suit the general new EXECO theme, it is possible to remove the music theme by running the patch reset tool included in the game folder, by selecting remove music them, this will restore the original game sound tracks.
    • We will create alternative music packs as addons in the near future, due to compression and conversion, we strongly recommend these sound settings from inside the game option menu.

    Background graphics :

    This is the first themed patch since pes 2013, all backgrounds made for this them are made by us (one of our sister websites), it is possible to remove the theme and restore the game original by running the reset tool.

    3 New Stadiums :

    3 new stadium added to the patch, this stadiums are not made by us, we couldn't convert our stadiums from older version due to the change of the game system, so the credit for the 3 new stadium models goes to Durandil, big thanks for his work. Stadiums added are: Allianz stadium – Italy, Allianz arena- Germany & Old trafford – England.

    Stadiums cheers and sound effects :

    • We have converted many of our old sound effects and stadium cheers, many other new sound files are included thanks to the fans for participation in creating and packing the sound files.
    • It is possible to remove the new sound effects by running the patch reset tool.
    • Added real ad-boards for stadiums
    • Our ad-boards are now added to pes 2018, converted from pes 2017 9.8, the number is reduced but all teams and leagues have real ad-boards now.

    All teams have licence :

    All teams in the game have licence, correct name, manager, stadium name, commentary call, logo, kits and all attributes are done, it is not possible to edit the names or manually replace teams, however we kept two teams fully modifiable (pes united - we united), it is possible to export and import created teams before updating the patch by using the in-game editor, watch tutorial.

    Added more teams :

    • Smoke patch always add more teams and national teams to the game, execo version added one more classic team, we wanted to add more teams but sadly we hit the maximum number the edit file can handle (max= 599 team slots), about 100 team slots less than pes 2017.
    • EXECO created (replace) 19 newly promoted teams fully with kits squads and relative attributes, the patch added 184 teams to the patch.

    Real kits for all teams :

    • All teams have real kits most of them with 3rd and 4th alternatives, we have created most kits in the patch and our fans also created the textures for better quality.
    • In execo we have updated almost 100 teams for the new season 18/19, although we have used kits from kit maker (geo_craig90) so the patch wouldn't take more time to be ready.
    • Kits texture: a lot of new texture for kits 18/19 are credited to geo_craig90, thanks for the high quality work.
    • Kits numbers: we created the numbers for the kits to be a good approximation for the real thing
    • Kits settings: we always review the settings (numbers color, position, ...), we correct and optimize the kits regularly.
    • All the kits are made to be optimized while preserving the quality for excellent performance and quality when playing at 4k quality or less.
    • In this version, we have activated our high quality sleeve badges, the badges where deactivated in previous versions due to technical issues, now is resolved and working.

    Faces and Minifaces :

    • A lot of real faces are updated in this patch, the patch includes more than 800 new or updated faces some imported from pes 2019.
    • This version also gave more attention to minifaces and added/updated more than 12500 minifaces for better gaming.

    Added a lot of new players :

    • The number of players always grow when we create or update the team squads, currently the patch have around 18000 players, all players are real without any fake players except for ML youth team and ML default team. The patch added around 9000 players not in the original game.
    • When we add a player we create with his correct ID if possible, and the stats are from our most updated database.

    Players Stats :

    This patch have stats from the latest konami database made for pes 2018, soon the database will be updated after the full release of pes 2019, after that we will update the stats in all our live patch versions.

    More updates and enhancements :

    We always enhance the patch in many aspects, not all the features are listed but you will find a lot of changes when playing with smoke patch.

    V.10.3.7 Features :

    • Updated database (players stats and attributes)
    • Updated transfers
    • Fixed master league second season schedule
    • Fixed a problem with chinese clubs
    • Fix wrong team in laliga2
    • Fix emirates stadium audience
    • Other fixes and enhancements
    • Fix GK stats (catching - coverage)
    • Updated brazil-argentine leagues
    • Updated more kits
    • Updated balls
    • Added real faces:
    • Updated colombian and chilean league teams
    • Replaced two teams
    • Updated colombian and chilean kits
    • Updated and added more players
    • Fixed balls
    • Fixed fake players
    • Corrected missing transfers
    • Minor updates and fixes
    Download PES 2018 Smoke Patch V18.2 AIO
    * Video Installation :

    Installation :

    • Extract patch files {Download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders}.
    • Run smokepatch18.2.0.exe {run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully}.

    Credits : PES SMoKE Teams

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