NBA 2K20 Tools List Editor v1.1.1

Download 1.1.1: Click Here
Author: Looyh


Fix the bug that auto refresh doesn't work in v1.1.0.


NBA2K Tools Released

Special thanks to: ksmiz, got someoffsets from his ct table.

**** If it alert *.dll (like vcomp120.dll) not exist when you run this program, install the c++ runtime library(2013) FIRST.
**** You should going to roster editing or ML,MC etc. in the game FIRST, and then edit roster in the tool, dont forget save your roster in game.
**** If you want edit part of jerseys/teams for roster, you should USE MY NBA2K_Hook FIRST(to avoid data overwritten by official roster.) .

* If your game reload any roster, the tool will reload data automatically too.
* Editing controls open in a separate window, so you can edit multiple object simultaneously.
* In the same roster, you can clone players/staffs/team/jerseys. Something special with some of the data. e.g. deep copy or skip some unique ids, etc.).
* For different rosters, all object module data supports copy and paste from the clipboard with one-click (single tab data copy or all data for object).
----* For example you can copy the data to a text editor to edit it, or copy and share it with others, and just paste it from your clipboard in the tool.
* You can copy/paste shoes data with different roster (one-click with clipboard).
* You can create and edit players/teams stats, and you can edit team rival values, and team records for points, rebounds, etc.
* And some other features are not shown in the screenshots.

* If you add or delete or change files in waigua folder, and if you want to synchronize the cache, open "Settings" - "Clear File Cache", and then Just scroll mouse wheel to re-rander controls OR click refresh btn(at the top of list). (Of course, you can also restart the tool, and it will automatically update the cache).
* Click right mouse button for menu on all lists (for trade/assign teams/swap/clone, etc.).
* Double-click on a item in the left list to open the editing window.
* In the editing window, right click or click on the button in the lower right corner to display menu for object/module copy , maximizing the edit area, etc., and for some tab, e.g. player attributes, set all attributes +1 -1 or max.
* Enable/Disable editing of read-only controls in the settings.
* Control title (in editing window) with [ * ] are TIPS, mouse over the title to display tips, this is very important, It's a few tips about the data/control.

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