Exterior View La Bombonera - PES 2021

Exterior View La Bombonera PES 2021
PES 2021 Exterior View La Bombonera Stadium

La Bombonera Stadium Exterior for PES 2021


  • Part of the 3d model and textures have been modified
  • Camera angles have been changed
  • Added scene at halftime and full time


  • Newest Version of Sider by Juice : https://bit.ly/30FotRm
  • Install Stadium Server by zlac : https://bit.ly/31hYsI2

How to Install?

  • Install Sider & Stadium Server
  • Download & Extract files.
  • Copy "content & tunnel" folder to the directory where sider.exe is located.
  • Open sider.ini and add this line inside sider.ini
                        lua.module = "tunnel.lua"
  • Run as "Sider.exe" & play PES 2021 game!

Credit & Thanks to : Jostike Games

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