NBA 2K20 1997-2011 Offline Draft Classes by Thunder Shaq

 Upon seeing that the 1995-96 Mod is unlikely to release for free, I felt that it is now best that I can provide the community with a 1996-97 Roster open to all (this was not a paid mod before, I just never released it publicly :D)

A disclaimer I have is that it has significantly more created faces compared to all the cyberfaces that were made for the 95-96 mod, so I can’t promise the same level of modded experience as that other project. That being said, I have put in hours of work into this roster and I feel okay with a public release. Especially now that it seems we won’t get the other project for free.

It features a plethora of custom cyberfaces, headshot portraits, action shot portraits, and some modded courts and scoreboard (all credit to sticky-fingers for the courts and scoreboard).

I have worked on accompanying draft classes, but of course 2k only lets you upload 5 at a time.

Here is what you will need to install:

Draft Class Mod Pack (you should add this to your waigua anyways even if you don't use the draft classes)http://www.mediafire.com/file/j30l1thac ... es.7z/file

Add-on pack for some late cyberface additionshttp://www.mediafire.com/file/l8uo0i4oz ... ns.7z/file

MAKE SURE THE FOLDER YOU PUT ALL THIS FILES IN IS TITLED waigua, if the file is titled something like waigua.1997, make sure it is just named waigua

Search my name on NBA 2k20: Thunder Shaq and download the roster titled 1997

You are also going to want to install NBA2k_Hook because that is how the courts are going to work. You are going to place the Config file from the main mod pack in this folder: viewtopic.php?f=258&t=108024

I also have an offline download for draft classes spanning from 1997 through the 2011 draft. If you don't know how to download offline files, I would check the tutorial section








Special thanks to anyone who contributed to this roster, either directly, or by providing their work publicly and indirectly supporting this:

-Sticky-Fingers: Custom courts and scoreboard included in the mod pack
-Dee4Three: cyberfaces used such as bald Drexler, Matt Maloney, Brent Price, Sedale Threatt
-Mr. Star: Some of his cyberface conversions are used in future draft classes
-Retroman: Cyberface conversions used in draft classes
-hova: Mikki Moore and Danny Fortson in draft classes
-Glenski: Conversions he did for players such as Lorenzen Wright, Malik Rose, Dale Davis, etc.
-Shuajota: I believe he made the 1996-97 76ers Jerseys
-2kspecialist.net: other assorted cyberfaces

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Things I will try fix:
-Arena names to represent the ones of the time
-Try to get 100% accurate courts, I know some aren't the exact one from 1997
-Any glaring inaccuracies brought up in this thread

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