NBA 2K21 Dest Roster v11.13 (48 New Teams) by destteam


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DEST list FOR 2K21
Steam player search list name:
"Dest Roster" or username "Coalmeow"
Chinese list name: DEST CHS
team The best list name in history: DEST ALL-TIME
genuine players also need to download the file package in the network disk.
List usage tutorial: https://www.kancloud.cn/destteam/dest-2k21 or see the file
Q group 1043439974 in the network disk , customized +V: Coalmeow
(not a customer service number, see instructions for the use of the list)

DEST list 2K21 feedback questionnaire address (suggestion and bug feedback): https://jinshuju.net/f/q7ER4q

*The list file package integrates the following authors’ Works, I would like to express my gratitude here:
@hukub's retro player face patch;
dabaoge's Nuggets silk light jersey @SRT-Lebron's retro team floor; @bc1093963275's dream 1 selection team background image
@myk's rocket Howard, Shannon Brown and Kobe face make up;
Looyh's NBA2K_Hook @ldc1024's Kobe face make up; @sxz's Campazzo face make up; @是阿Ë啊's Spurs Leonard face make up
@Mudy's 09 All-Star jerseys, 2020CBA All-Star floor; @
調@特雷西的16湖人Floor @Young1996's Wallace Dorsey Weaver Wims and some CBA players face up, Rockets spare jerseys, Chinese team jerseys
@ECPH's Lakers Magic Howard, Cavaliers Owen, Magic McGrady, 12 Harden, Westbrook, Heat James, Anthony Mayo, JR Smith, 08 Wade face repair
@鬼马's part of the retro player face fill, headshot; @Kyrie .Young's Hayes face up
@NoobMayCry's Lakers Bynum Nets Delong face up; @Askin's Garnett, Bosh, Cavaliers James face up
@AKA利剑之吊's Knicks Ross, Thunder Moreau Face fill; @小羊's various periods of Duncan and Thunder Roberson face fill
@你爸爸落泪. Photos of 09 Magic, 16 Thunder, 08 Rockets, Celtics, 13 Lakers; TACO’s 3 period O’Neill face supplement
@Takeshi’s Clippers Little Jordan Thomas 16 Thompson face supplement; @白55 Chocolate’s retro player face supplement
@jerometans, Part of the retro player photos of the final curtain; @BLY's Rocket satin jersey (2K19 works, integrated and shared according to the instructions in the original post)
@James-23's Kirilenko face repair, 76ers satin jersey; @流浪的青春的湖人奥尼Noodle make up
@ Pancake fruit's 18 Cavalier Rose Noodle make up; @kyrie.young's Jazz Boozer Noodle make up, @Yolove814's Zhou Peng Noodle make up

串烤腰子的香 Porter, Lakers Russell Noodle make up V11.13 Optimize the rotation of the retro team and replace some photos and face-ups. The ALL-TIME list will be added to the Chinese star team (the lineup will be adjusted according to the face-up production progress in the
future)V11.12 Update the Dream 1 jersey and some retro player face-ups, fix known bugs
V11.11 Fix known issues Update some retro player photos, face-ups, fine-tuning the ALL-TIME CBA foreign aid lineup
V11.10 Fix known issues Fix the retro Celtics away 07 Wizards retro jersey color update some retro photos and face- ups
V11.9 Fixed known issues, updated player face-up update
V11.8 Added pitcher team, dunk team updated O'Neal, Knicks Ross, retro team Curry, etc. face-up, fixed known issues, updated some headshots, optimized some players Action (thanks to
@Askin , @鬼马, @AKA利剑之吊) V11.7 Added 17 Knicks, 10 Celtics, 19 Warriors to complete some retro team photos, and updated 16 Raptors Stadium independent part of retro face supplement
V11 .5 Complete the 20 season city and Hardwood Classic jerseys of each team, fix known issues, optimize the current Bulls ability
V11.4 Update some official hidden public faces supplement ALL-TIME list, join the US/International/Former South team, fix some known issues
V11 .3 Fix known issues. Update 11 Grizzlies and 14 Timberwolves partial headshots (Thanks @
鬼马Realization of the retro team floor (Thanks @SRT-Lebron) V11.2 Join the best team in the history of 30 teams (list name DEST) ALL-TIME) and joined the 2009 All-Star and CBA elite team in the ALL-TIME elite team. Fix known issues, update some retro face patch
V10.30, update 15 Rockets, 16 Lakers, 18 Cavaliers floor and some retro face patch, fix known issues and add 16 Raptors
V10.29. Fix known bugs. Replace the 18 Cavaliers lineup as mid-season lineup. Independent part of the retro player face of the team, update the retro team photos, optimize the 10 team free throw ability and proofread the height and weight data
V10.28 Join 11 Grizzlies 14 Trail Blazers optimize 15 Rockets 13 Lakers
V10.27 added 14 Timberwolves Kings, 15 Eagles, updated 16 American team and other players' full-length photos. Updates the Chinese list of Magic and Nets Chinese.
V10.26 Fixes known issues. Adds 18 Pelicans to update Retro. Howard face supplements (By@myk)
Removed the Clippers, Grizzlies, Hornets, Nuggets, Pelicans, Raptors, Timberwolves All-Time due to triggering the game's maximum number of teams
(At this stage, if necessary, you can use the official list to play All-Time, and the new best list of team history is in production)
V10 .25 Join 18 Thunder update 10 Cavaliers 09 Magic 16 American floor (thanks @SRT-Lebron) Fix known issues
V10.24 Join Dream 8 Dream 1 06 Sun Mavericks 76ers 11 Celtics 09 Pistons Lakers 13 Lakers 07 Baskets Net 10 Eagles 13 Knicks 03 Wizards 13 teams
V10.23 Join 18 Rockets 18 Cavaliers, update retro team coach, fix known issues, update active Pelicans coach continue to follow up the team lineup Chinese
version V10.21 Chinese list continues Chinese 7 team lineup update 08 Hornets 10 Lakers 09 Magic 10 Cavaliers team selection background image fixed known issues Optimized some shooting actions
V10.19 Optimized retro team shooting actions Active Cavaliers Grizzlies ability update Clippers assistant to Billups
V10. 18 Optimize the current championship team and the rotation ability of the Pelicans' main 10 players. Optimize retro team rotation, fix known issues, update more than 30 photos of the season, add 08 Hornets, 03 Magic, 09 Nuggets
V10.17, and update some retro photos. Optimize retro rocket jersey colors.
Add 16 Thunder 09 Magic Rockets Sun 15 Rockets 14 baskets Nets 16 Lakers 10 Cavaliers 08 Jazz 16 Spurs
* Some courts/face ups are pending follow-up
Join the DEST CHS Chinese list (preliminary Chinese 6 teams, follow-up Chinese list only follow up the current lineup update, not follow up the current ability retro team and other changes. Only for early adopters)
*The Chinese list has no jersey back name display
V10.16 update fast The head coach of the ship joins Andre Ingram as a free agent (thanks to @hukub for the face-up), fine-tuned some photos
V10.15 Optimized the player ability of the finals and updated 66 player photos (29 full-length photos of active players & other retro photos)
V10.12 Replenishment and update the photos of 25
active players V10.11 Optimized the ultimate league automatic rotation Optimized retro player action completion/updated the photos of 80 active players
V10.10 Continue to optimize the action of nearly 50 retro players, optimize the ultimate league setting
V10. 9 Optimize some blue-collar insiders, the Suns team ability, match the headshots of some famous players, optimize the actions of dozens of retro players
V10.8 to
complement the retro teams Randy Brown and Anthony Carter, and some rotation corrections to complement Grizzlies McMee Le
GS setting/Ultimate League setting released (see instructions for usage details)

Active: Adjust the King’s assistant to Gentry
free agents. Join: Bynum, Jordan Mickey, James Young, Speights, Afflaro, Stuckey, Morrow, Bletcher,
famous team adjustments:
some famous team coaches updated to real coaches in team history.
Player lineup:
Bulls: Sloan replaces Steve Kerr.
Eagles: Joe Johnson replaces Terry Rollins, Josh Smith replaces Korver
Grizzlies: ability update

V10.6 Unlocks the era team and the dream team, which can be edited and used to optimize the active potential value of the ultimate league. Revise some free agent career data. The 08 Rockets complete Hayes, 11 Bulls complete Luer Deng, and Dream 10 teams complete Deron, complete the retro warrior Livingston. Corrected some player information for Retro Spurs.
Replacing the legendary Wizards Muresan with Unseld, the legendary Lone Ranger Bradley with Porzingis, the legendary Bull Hinrich with Ruel Deng, the legendary Sir Millsap with Deron, the legendary 76 Ren and Sun joined Barkley, replacing Bibby and Adams respectively.

V10.5 replaces 64-65 Lakers, 64-65 Celtics as 09-10 Lakers, 16-17 Celtics
V10.4 Continue to optimize the ability of active players, complement the 21st century retro team player replacement: team history Best Pacers: Sabonis-Artest
V10.3 Optimized the Pacers and Mavericks' main rotation player ability and added free agent tendency. Free agents join 50+ free agents, which minimizes the lack of original version, and the computer automatically adds freedom The impact of the player list. The coach joins Blatter, Kenny Atkinson V10.2 free agent joins Joseph Young, optimizes the abilities of more than 10 teams such as the Lakers Heat, and updates some team coaches in the playoff rotation

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