NBA 2K21 Updated Court Template v3.0 for Modders by Lethanos


Download: Click Here

This template is for court modders and anyone else who wants to make a custom court for NBA 2K21. Unlike almost every other court mod out there, this template helps you create courts with very accurate floor line positions.

For example, if you have noticed in almost every other court mod, the three point line (among every other line) is not properly positioned, resulting in inconsistencies. Sometimes a three pointer is registered as a two pointer and vice versa.

This template has fixed floor line positionings. If you want to modify the template for any reason, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE POSITIONS OF THE LINES especially the three point line. Also DO NOT make the three point line any thicker, otherwise it may mess with the alignment.

If you want to understand what I mean about the alignment, go to 2KU > Freestyle and turn on Hotzones. You can see lines that divide the court. This is how the game understands parts of the court and also what is a two pointer and a three pointer.

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