AK Stadium Repack 2020 AIO (No stuck) + Update - PES 2017

New Stadium Pack For PES 2017
PES 2017 AK Stadium Repack 2020 (No stuck)
PES 2017 AK Stadium Repack 2020 (No stuck)

New Repack Stadium by Akim Kemhil For PES 2017


  • 42 Stadiums
  • Base from AZ Stadium and JAS Stadium
  • No stuck or black screen after match in any stadium (Emirates, Etihad etc) (Pastikan facepack yang kamu pakai bebas dari mod real eyes)
  • Support Low, Med and High (Minimum set to Med agar terlihat bagus)
  • Exterior view same as AZ Stadium
  • ID same as AZ Stadium except Marina Bay replace Konami Stadium
  • Include Soft fog (efek kabut)
  • Dirty Kits (Kits terlihat kotor)
  • Dirty boots (Sepatu terlihat kotor)
  • Sweat Effect (Efek keringat), Rain real and new pitch
  • No Include adboard
  • New Tifo (optional)
  • and many more . .

Exclusive Update Features:

  • New tifo for 21 stadiums
  • New logo on the field for all stadiums
  • New preview thumbnail for all stadiums
  • Village grass (only for Gelora Bung Karno Stadium)(green for night fine)(brown for day fine, day rain, night rain)
  • Sorry for my bad texture grass and my mods, only for fantasy grass
* Size 1.5Gb after extract 2.5Gb

How to Install?

  • Download & Extract files.
  • Copy Stadiumpack CPK file to the "download" folder where your PES 2017 game is installed.
  • Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris
  • Play & Enjoy the Game!

Password : Akim Kemhil
Repacked by : Akim Kemhil

Special Big thanks:

Konami, Aziz Setiono, JAS LPE, Blackbull Stadium, Ethan2 (Ethan Group), Alfian Putra Pratama, Rzten, Pes Mod Go'ip, Estarlen Silva, Donnyavia, Lavezzi, Fruits, Devril, Pribowo Subekti, Bagaskara Ladrang Pamungkas, Aco, Txax, Sxsxsx, Shrief Elafify, Abid nabawi, Ade Vodkha, Isan fajar, Vangheljs, Tonizizou, RavenFCB, Orset, TiiyoSneijder, MjTs-140914, Ugly Thing, Suat Cadgas, Pantel G7, and all PES Modder..

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