PCBasket 2K21 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Last Demo Update v4.0


 PCBasket 2K21 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Demo (Early Access) V4.0 Released

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Content V4.0:

- 2 new national teams: China and Korea.

-Highly detailed uniforms by @ArnauLucena

- Updated Lineups

- Fixed Callnames

Make sure you download the Modded Files V4.0

*It´s a demo, not a final work. 

The full version of this project will be released on NBA 2K22.

Content V3.5:

- 4 new national teams: Canada, Croatia, Philippines and Turkey.

-Highly detailed uniforms by @ArnauLucena

- New Cyberfaces for Kai Sotto, Rhon Jay Abarrientos, Samjosef Belange, Angelo Kouame, Javier Joaquin Gomez de Liano, Sertac Sanli,  Bugrahan Tuncer, Dogus Balbay, Mertecan Birsen and Tolga Gecima by me, @Shuajota.

Content V3.0:

- 4 new national teams: Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic and Iran.

-Highly detailed uniforms by @ArnauLucena

- New Cyberfaces for Edo Muric, Jaka Blazic, Simone Fontecchio and others by me, @Shuajota.

-Realistic Global by @Mahmood_Studios


Content V2.0:

- 4 new national teams: Argentina, Australia, Germany and Japan.

- Highly detailed uniforms by @ArnauLucena.

- New cyberfaces for Facundo Campazzo, Gabriel Deck, Maodo Lo and Niels Giffey by me, Shuajota.

- Team Audios for Argentina and Australia.

- Updated Saitama arena by Young1996.

- Updated NBC Watermark by me, Shuajota.


First look at some of new cyberfaces for Gabriel Deck, Facundo Campazzo and Niels Giffey in Demo V2.0


Realistic Uniforms by @ArnauLucena

Content V1.5:

- Updated ratings for Spain and France.

-  New Team Audios have added to Spain and France. Commentators will say the names of both countries, thus providing a higher level of immersion. Thanks to Hokupguy for discovering them.

- New realistic cyberfaces (face scans) from the scratch by me (Shuajota) for: Ricky Rubio, Marc Gasol, Alex Abrines, Sergio Rodriguez, Thomas Heurtel and Evan Fournier.

- Updated Tokyo 2020 Court by SRT-Lebron with a more realistic design.

Content V1.0:

- Accurate rosters for USA, Spain, France and Nigeria.

- Realistic uniforms with real fonts by @ArnauLucena (A13)

- Realistic cyberfaces (face scans) from the scratch by me (Shuajota)

- Realistic tattoos for Poirier by bluejaybrandon.

- Arena, Court and dornas with Tokyo 2020 design by me (Shuajota).

- Molten Ball and FIBA referee t-shirts by @ArnauLucena (A13).

- NBC Tokyo 2020 Presentation by me (Shuajota)


First look at some of new cyberfaces for Ricky Rubio, Evan Fournier and THomas Heurtel in Demo V1.5


First look at some of new cyberfaces for France for De Colo, Gobert (new skin tone) and Moustapha Fall

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