Guide Resolve Error Not Download File

Hallo Gamers

Because so many downloads should my account Google drive  sometimes overloaded :”
Photos error:

(You can wait 12 hours or less to download, if you do not want to wait, use a bottom)
I will guide you to download when you got this error:

Step 1: Log in to your Google account.
Step 2:

*For example, faulty link

*You can copy the code red (after the character “=”)


*Copy code => behind code

Finally we are:

Step 3: Copy the link above into your browser

Step 4: Cick “Add to My Drive”
Step 5: Go to your Google Drive
Step 6: Right click to File Add => “Make a copy”

Step 7: Now you download the file “copy”

The browser you use “Mozilla Firefox” to be automatically downloaded by IDM
If you use the browser “Chrome”, use the following methods to download by IDM
+ Right click on the file “copy” select “Get link” => Ctrl + C => copied to the browser => Cick on “Download”
Have Fun !!!
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